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Rearing the Estrela Mountain Dog

The book with all you need to know about the breed

o livro

The book

“Cuidar do Cão da Serra da Estrela / Rearing the Estrela Mountain Dog” is a bilingual book (Portuguese and English) due in December 2014 and partly made possible by crowdfunding. It has around 160 pages, many photographs and intends to answer the questions and doubts common among owners and fans of the breed. With preface and technical revision by José Paulo Sales Luís, Professor at the Lisbon University's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, it contains a lot of information and advice regarding necessary care for its harmonious and balanced development, as far as health, food, exercise, education and socialization are concerned. It also calls for an informed and responsible purchase and ownership, as well as a rigorous, ethical breeding, and hopes to contribute to the decrease of the number of abandoned dogs and to preserve and promote this important Portuguese national patrimony that is the Estrela Mountain Dog.


Price: 20 euros + postage



 The author

Manuela Paraíso is a radio presenter and director since 1985 and currently works for Rádio SBSR. She edited the music newspaper LP-Jornal de Música and as a freelancer wrote to several publications. From 2010 on she regularly writes about classical music to cultural newspaper JL-Jornal de Letras, Artes e Ideias. Since 2002 she's been breeding the Estrela Mountain Dog as an ethical, technical amateur practise, with the afix “Ponta da Pinta”. ​ ​She bred several world, international and national champions, exporting to several countries, as well as certified therapy dogs, and contributed to scientific researches. In 2004, as an exclusive offer to her clients, she wrote a guide about the Estrela puppy that contains advice and answers to the many questions and doubts that throughout the years she was asked. That guide was adapted and developed, leading to the book "Rearing the Estrela Mountain Dog" so that it can be available to all admirers of the breed.


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