Talking about Manuela Paraíso's book is both very easy and complex, just like it is to talk about simple yet very beautiful things. Its writing is flowing, easy to understand by everyone, the type of communication that reaches a wide range of people and that will certainly attract more admirers to the breed, much more than too technical works that aim only at scholars. The good taste of simplicity. Congratulations, Manuela!

Albino José Poças, Portugal


Unquestionably a recommendable book to all those who have or intend to have an Estrela. Easy to read in spite of its deepened writing, it approaches very interesting and varied topics. This book lead me to reflect, question and helped me in my search for answers to some of my questions. Clearly a precious help for better understanding our Estrela friends.

Idalina Lourido Santos, Portugal


Unpretentious book, written in a coloquial manner, with tips and suggestions that, although apparently simple, make all the difference to a first-time owner of an Estrela or another similar breed. it's filled with little things that, if strictly followed, will avoid big problems.

Octávio Teixeira de Almeida, Portugal


Objective, informative and enlightening, ir's a precious help to all the breed's lovers and owners and it stands for responsible ownership, for preservation and promotion of a breed that is national patrimony. For all this and for what we can also "read" in the images, you shouldn't miss this book that will help you find and/or better know a true friend that is a good embassador for Portugal worldwide.

Isabel Cunha, Portugal


I liked the book very much. It is written in a clear, consise style but in a way not to bore the reader. I read it all in a row. The contents are presented through a timeline, which is to say they start at the moment the reader plans to acquire a puppy right until the end of their dog's life. The information is useful to anyone who has a dog. In my case, who have always been involved with dogs and some years ago bought Suzette Mota Veiga's two books, I noticed ths book includes aspects that I did not know. As for the book itself, the format is great and I particularly liked the photos (even though I think my own girl Juma's picture should have at least made it to the cover) and the lettering size that allows me to read with no need to put my glasses on. I got curious about how to prepare an Estrela or a dog show. is there a specific training? How often should they be bathed for this purpose? Are there any special products to help keep the coat in good condition? is it true estrelas shouldn't wear collars at home in order not to damage the coat?

Maria João Medeiros Marques, Portugal


An excellent bilingual guide about the Estrela. Written with love, in a direct, clear and, above all, honest way. I suspect it might be a pebble in the shoe of dishonest breeders because it puts the finger on the problems they'd like to hide. It's also beautifully designed.

Renata Bacellar, Portugal


After having an Estrela for a few months, I realized I needed some help in truly understanding their particular qualities and issues. When I read Manuela’s book, I got a far greater appreciation of my puppy and how to raise him. This book covered more than just the basics; it went over questions I did not even know I should be asking. Anyone interested in the breed has to add this book to his or her library.

Tim Horn, USA


The whole book shows great affection towards animals and especially this breed of ours. It is precious as an object and in its content, starting with the cover photo that tantalizes us with the expression of the two beautiful tender Estrelas in the countryside. Thus it invites us to read, quietly and thoughtfully, all the themes ir approaches. A true guide that contemplates the particularitues of facing and looking after each Estrela, in diferents situations and households and by different people.

Isolina Peixoto, Póvoa de Varzim


I read the book and LOVED it !!! I learned many things that I did not know, and some other behaviour described made me picture my two "little ones". Thank you for having written it.

Clara Araújo, Porto